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"It was dark..." Sheet Music PDF Download

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The sheet music for the song “It was dark...” as an Adobe PDF File. License conditions apply. Up to two songs' sheet music free per order*.

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Download the sheet music for “It was dark...” in Adobe PDF format.

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If you have a CCLI licence, you may reproduce the words, reporting this in accordance with the terms of the licence.For more information, www.ccli.com Otherwise please contact David Heath-Whyte for permission.

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Keywords: Cd: King Seekers, Creation, Harvest, Old Testament


It was dark...
Genesis 1v1-2v3
1. It was dark, very dark
and God said:
"Let there be..."
"Light: day and night!"
"Let there be." (x2)

2. It was empty, with no shape and God said:
"Let there be..."
"Sky between the waters!"
"Let there be." (x2)

And it was good! Yes it was good!
God said: "Let there be!"
And it was very good!
And it was good! So very good!
God said: "Let there be!"
And it was good!

3. There was water everywhere and God said:
"Let there be..."
"land and plants and sea!"
"Let there be." (x2)

4. There was nothing in the sky and God said:
"Let there be..."
"Sun and Moon and stars!"
"Let there be." (x2)

5. There was air and there was sea and God said:
"Let there be..."
"birds and fish!"
"Let there be." (x2)

6. And the best was yet to come and God said:
"Let there be..."
"All kinds of animals..."
"Let there be..."
And the best was yet to come and God said:
"Let there be..."
"People in my image,"
"Let there be."

7. It was finished and complete and God said:
"Let there be...
Rest for you and me!
Let there be." (x2)

David Heath-Whyte
Copyright © 2008 Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes
Please observe normal copyright restrictions.

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