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"Seven Signs" Backing Track MP3 Download

"Seven Signs" Backing Track MP3 Download

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The backing track (instrumental) for the song “Seven Signs” as an MP3 music file.



Download the backing track for "Seven Signs" (instrumental track: just instruments, no singers) as a high quality 320kbps MP3 file. Compatible with iPods, iPhones, Android phones, MP3 players etc.

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Listen to the backing track for "Seven Signs":

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NB: the "watermark" voiceover "You're listening to MGBT.co.uk" is not present on the downloadable files.

Keywords: Cd: Sing To The King, Jesus


Seven Signs
John 11v17-44, John 2v1-11, John 4v43-54, John 5v1-15, John 6v1-13, John 6v16-21, John 9
Jesus is God,
but how do I know?
When people met him,
how did it show?
He really is a man,
and he's really God as well -
If I had-a been there,
how could I tell?

Seven Signs,
asking "what do you see?"
Seven Signs, giving testimony,
Seven Signs,
saying "do you believe?"
Jesus is the Son of God,
it's clear to me!

Number 1, at a wedding
he turns water into wine,
Number 2, the official's dying son
is made alive;
Number 3, at Bethesda pool
the lame man walks,
and Jesus feed five thousand
for sign number 4!

Number 5, walks on water
right across lake Galilee,
Number 6, muddy eyes,
and the blind man can see;
Number 7 is Lazarus,
he comes back from the dead,
It's obvious who Jesus is
and much more could be said!

David Heath-Whyte
Copyright © 2005 Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes
Please observe normal copyright restrictions.

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