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"Go-go-go-go Gold!" MP3 Song Package Download

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SAVE MONEY – this is a package of MP3 and PDF files for the song “Go-go-go-go Gold!”, including both the full track and the backing track MP3 music files.

Download Files:

Download a package of MP3 and PDF files for "Go-go-go-go Gold!" - everything that you need in order to teach, practice and perform the song with your children's group.

  • The Full Track MP3 music file
  • The Backing Track MP3 music file (no singers, just instruments)
  • The Sheet Music in PDF format
  • The OHP Acetate Master in PDF format

All the MP3 files are high quality 320kbps, and compatible with iPods, iPhones, Android phones, MP3 players etc. The files are packaged in a downloadable "ZIP" file, which can be read by all modern computers (as standard with Windows 7 and Apple Macs).

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Listen to "Go-go-go-go Gold!":

Click Here to hear "Go-go-go-go Gold!" on the Jukebox.

NB: the "watermark" voiceover "You're listening to MGBT.co.uk" is not present on the downloadable files.

Keywords: Cd: Jump With Joy, Christmas, Jesus


Go-Go-Go-Go Gold!

Matthew 2:1-12

Go-go-go-go Gold,
Frank Frank Frank who?
Murmur murmur murmur murmur
Gifts that are fit for a King!

1. Wise Men see
a star in the sky
It's brand new,
the question is why?
The king is born -
there's one reply:
Follow that star
to see where he lies!

2. What kind of gift,
oh what sort of thing?
From all their treasure,
what will they bring?
Cud-dl-y camel,
di-a-mond ring?
What will the wise men
give to the King?

3. Now the Star has
shown them the place
Bowing down,
they worship and praise
Share their presents,
gaze on his face,
Jesus the King
is God's gift of grace!

David Heath-Whyte
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