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AppTimer.net - Kids Computer Timer (BETA)

AppTimer.net - Kids Computer Timer (BETA)

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Fed up with your children spending too long on the internet? Facebooking for hours when they should be doing homework? Maybe you just want some family time!
AppTimer.net helps you manage their time on the computer.
You set a time limit for each program, and when that time is up, AppTimer.net shuts it down. Your kids get a warning with a couple of minutes to go so that they can say "Bye!" to their friends, or save their game - but when the time's up, it goes!


AppTimer.net is still in BETA form, and currently without a manual. I'll try to get a manual online soon (as of 1st May 2012), and update the software as I can.

NB: The default password is "password" - change this once you're into the settings section!

For more images of the program in action, visit apptimer.net